Ken CTO of Canis Automotive Labs

Defending the CAN bus Part 1: Attacks and intrusion detection

CAN bus is a wildly successful fieldbus protocol that is perfectly designed for vehicle applications (even including spacecraft that have gone to Mars). But that success in handling sensors and actuators means it’s going to be attacked by anyone wanting to compromise a vehicle. So there has been lots of activity in how to improve the security of CAN bus. I have produced a four part video series that covers the topic of CAN security, going over the types of attack on CAN and the four major techniques for defending a CAN bus against those attacks.

Each episode in the series covers one mitigation technique, and this first episode gives a taxonomy of attacks and shows how the less commonly understood CAN protocol attacks work and why they are particularly insidious. Also covered is the first of the four defensive techniques: the intrusion detection system (IDS).

Episode 2 of this series will cover the second defensive technique: cryptography, including the requirements for automotive systems, a communications scheme, and the SHE standard for hardware security modules (HSMs).

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