About Dr. Ken Tindell

Dr. Ken Tindell is the CTO of Canis Automotive Labs. He has been involved with CAN since the mid-90s and has extensive experience in the automotive industry.

  • He co-founded LiveDevices (later acquired by Bosch)
  • He co-founded Volcano Communications Technologies (later acquired by Mentor Graphics)
  • His PhD is in real-time systems, and he produced the first timing analysis for CAN and also originated the concept of holistic scheduling to tackle the co-dependency between CPU and bus scheduling.
  • He worked with Volvo Cars on the CAN networking in the P2X platform and was one of the team that in 1999 won the Volvo Technology Award for in-car networking.

His focus today as CTO of Canis Labs is on augmenting CAN for both performance and security with the new CAN-HG protocol, upgrading CAN for today’s challenges. He is developing intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDPS) technology for CAN that uses CAN-HG to defeat various attacks on the CAN bus.

You can contact him: