Ken CTO of Canis Automotive Labs

New CANPico firmware released

We’ve pushed a new version of the CANPico firmware that updates it to MicroPython v1.16. The update also fixes some bugs but the biggest change is that the firmware adds robustness to SPI noise: it’s very easy to accidentally cause the SPI pins to pick up noise from logic analyzer probes where the logic analyzer isn’t grounded, and corrupted values written to or read from the CAN controller can cause things to go crazy. The firmware keeps counters for the number of times corrupted values with a new method get_diagnostics().

The documentation has been updated to reflect the new API call, and there is a new version of the file of example functions that are useful when trying out different things on the CANPico board. This file can be copied to the CANPico board using the rshell utility.

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